Why Outdoor?

Outdoor Advertising has the lowest cost-per-thousand-impressions of all major media:

Media statistics

Media audiences have been severely fragmented:

Media statistics

Outdoor Advertising’s audience has grown substantially;

  • Drivers expanded three times greater than the U.S. population growth.

  • Household vehicles increased at six times the population growth rate.

  • Daily vehicle trips and miles quadrupled population growth.

  • Traveling vehicles rose six times higher than population expansion.

  • Commuting miles increased 37% since 1983, due to suburb expansion.

  • Travel time to work increased 14% since 1983, due to congestion.

  • Drivers drive an average of 1 hour 13 minutes daily.

  • Single occupant travel accounts for 75% of trips and 76% of miles.

Source: U.S. Dept. of Transportation

Billboard in northern Michigan